Friday, 25 October 2013

Favourite and least favourite Doctor Who

I like lists, I'm a Doctor Who fan- of course I like lists. Since Enemy of the World and the Web of Fear were released I've been thinking about how they fare against other Doctor Who stories. And because I've watched the original series out of order, I've never thought about what my favourite and least favourite stories are, so thought I'd have a think.

This is that list:

My top 10 Doctor Who stories:

1. The War Games
2. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
3. The Curse of Fenric
4. Castrovalva
5. The Green Death
6. Midnight
7. Inferno
8. Enemy of the World
9. The Happiness Patrol
10. Pyramids of Mars

And my 10 least favourite Doctor Who stories:

1. The Beast Below
2. The Colin Baker era. (Too awful to separate) 
3. The Wedding of River Song
4. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
5. Dragonfire
6. Colony in Space
7. Warriors of the Deep
8. The Romans
9. Fear Her
10. Revenge of the Cybermen

I considered giving reasons for my decisions, but the basic fact is I adore the stories in the first list and I find the stories on the second list unwatchable. I could have fitted more onto each list and would probably be different if I did it again tomorrow. 

Do you agree?

Do you like lists? 

If so, do your own and let me know. 

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